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 Downgrading Your PSP

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PostSubject: Downgrading Your PSP   Sun Oct 02, 2011 10:42 am

Downgrading Your PSP

All PSP's are downgrade-able even the PSP-Go, but it is not recommended to downgrade the psp go, most psps can be only downgraded to its factory official firmware, meaning the firmware the psp starts off with
This tutorial DOES NOT require a pandora battery
6.37 OFW is currently un-downgrade-able

Downgrading 6.35/6.31 to 6.20
1. Download Davee's 6.31/6.35 to 6.20 downgrader
2. Copy the "PSP" folder to your PSP. (The downgrader is "signed" and can be launched from OFW XMB)
3. You need to copy the 6.20 update to PSP/GAME/UPDATE/EBOOT.PBP
4. For the PSP-Go it must be the eflash it is placed on.
5. After that run the downgrader on your psp
6. Follow the instructions on your psp screen
7. If you followed the instructions correctly your ofw firmware 6.35/6.31 will be downgraded to 6.20

Downgrading 6.20 to 5.03
1. Download 6.20 TN-C
2. Download HBL(Half Bite Loader)
3. Download Patapon 2 Demo
4. Download Save Game Data for Patapon 2 Demo
5. Connect your psp to your computer
6. Open the RAR file for Half Byte Loader
7. Put the HBL folder and the h.bin file in the ROOT of your memory stick
8. Open up the Save game it should be called (UCUS98732_DATA02) and put it into PSP/GAME/SAVEDATA
9. Open up the Patapon 2 demo and put the folder inside PSP/GAME
10. Open up TN-C and put the psp folder inside, into your psp root memory stick
11. It would ask to merge folders, click yes
12. On your psp run patapon 2 demo
13. It will say that it didnt find saved data, and ask if you want to create one, click yes or no, it doesnt matter
14. Now when Patapon 2 loads, select "Continue" and load the Saved Data that you downloaded
15. A screen will pop up to press any button, press ''X'' and wait until there is a sign at the top right that says ''R''
16. If you dont see it, just wait a few seconds then press ''R''
17. It would then show a list of homebrews
18. Select the one called "HEN"
19. Once you done that you should have 6.20 TN-C HEN
20. Download 5.03 OFW, find it in here ->OFW Download Links
21. Download 5.00 version.txt
22. Make a folder called "seplugins" in your psp root memory stick
23. Put the 5.00 version.txt in the seplugins folder
24. On your psp press select, your vsh menu would pop up
25. Make sure "Fake INDEX.DAT" is set to ENABLED
26. Next you scroll down to "RESTART VSH" then select it
27. Your PSP will now restart
28. Put the 5.03 OFW Update (make sure you rename it to EBOOT.pbp) into PSP/GAME/UPDATE
29. If you dont have a folder called UPDATE, make one
30. If there are files inside the UPDATE folder delete them and replace them with your 5.03 ofw
31. On your psp run the 5.03 update
32. Follow the instructions on your psp screen
33. After following the instructions, your psp will reset are you would now have 5.03 OFW
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Downgrading Your PSP
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